Operational Expertise

Take advantage of our relationships with the mainstream cannabis industry.
Unlike gaming, cannabis is a nascent industry with constant legal & regulatory changes, rapid growth, constrained financing options and a small pool of proven business models with profitable operational knowledge.

Conor Green's relationships with the mainstream cannabis industry provide our tribal partners with direct access to the leading companies across the industry - whether that's R&D, Cultivation, Laboratories, Retail, Brands, Ancillary Products, etc.
cannabis operational expertise
cannabis grow house operations
Proven operational models and operators reduce typical mistakes, saving you time and money.
Tribal businesses will benefit from proven operational models, which will significantly reduce (or eliminate) the typical "start up" mistakes, wasting both time and money.

Teaming up with proven operators also provides the added benefit of visibility to the rest of the market - knowing and seeing what is working and where trends are, whether that's across the state or across the country, provides an invaluable asset to the tribe's operation.
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