Project Development

We work with tribal leaders to develop new opportunities.
We take a deep and integrated approach in determining the best outcome for a tribe's cannabis pursuit. Working with tribal leaders to assess the market and desire will guide us through the decision-tree process.

Ultimately, we want to develop this economic engine for the tribe and its members, which includes creating new jobs, on-going training, career development and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as a revenue and profit generator for the tribe itself. Diversifying a tribe's economic engine is even more critical now than in the past. With the revenue and job loss due to COVIV-19 and the shuttering of casinos, hotels, travel - it's imperative to develop new opportunities.
Cannabis Project Development
cannabis community outreach
We will determine the right cannabis business to launch, including community outreach and education.
The Conor Green team works with tribal leadership and businesses to develop and carryout community outreach and education, so that everyone can learn about the benefits of cannabis - the plant and the business, as well as dispelling decades of myths.

Many interested in the cannabis industry focus on only 2 components - growing & selling. Every cannabis business does not need to be just one or both, but rather we work with leadership to determine the 'right' cannabis business to launch, which could be plant-touching or not. This will be based on the current state-regulated market, competition, demographics, traffic, anticipated demand, geographic location, state taxes, as well as assessing the overall tribal infrastructure to support the operation.
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