Capital & Partnerships

We invest our resources and work along side you to develop long-term relationships.
Conor Green isn't really a "consulting" company - we form Partnerships. We are not seeking to 'get hired' but rather to work along side and invest our resources (capital, human, and time) in developing long-term relationships with tribal leaders & businesses.

If needed, we can provide the necessary investment or capital infusions into developing tribal cannabis projects.
cannabis partnerships
cannabis capital
Our resources and experience ensures both your current and future success.
Additionally, if large financing is required for constructing or launching the tribe's business, Conor Green can provide those resources into the mix as well.

Our team has been pioneers and on the front line of the cannabis industry, which is certainly an emerging & developing market with years, if not a decade's worth of changes and evolution coming. Forming long-term relationships with our tribal partners helps to ensure that your goals of today are built and sustained for the promise to tomorrow's generation.
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